Monday, July 20, 2009

I've moved!

Hey just lettin everyone know that changed my blog address. Come see me at


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whad up??

Pretty much thats my gangsta talk. Im real professional at it bein Im half hispanic. I dont really have anything to talk about or 'post' about but Katie told me to update my blog so here I am. Bible, I dont even know why I have a blog. (ie. Bible for those of you who dont know is like honest, or like Im swearing on the bible so its the truth. I've decided to add that into my vocab courtesy of Kortney and Klohe Kardashinan, not spelled right) But really I dont. All of 3 maybe 4 people read this thing. Those being 1-Katie, 2-Katchie(who doesnt have a computer working right now, so she's not even reading it) 3-Christy and 4- possibly Jessica when she's bored and just got done checking her lame myspace. (ps. Jess... Myspace is so 2007, get over it. Heck at least change to Facebook for cryin out loud!! :) You know I love you madly)
So thats it.... All of possibly 4 people. I want a blog that millions of the people Im complaining about read. A blog that people sat down at there computer and think "oh heavens I havnt caught up with what is going on in the world of Celina today" and they have withdrawals. I also want a blog that all I have to do is post advertisement and it makes me enough money to survive without a real live job. Is that so much to ask? So I pretty much want to be dooce. Except I dont have the guts to blog about people I have to deal with on a day to day or family or friends if its bad. I dont have the stomach for it. Literally. I dont have the stomach for a lot of things. (ie..Cat vomit ( Wilfreds was warm) scooping poop,any gross smells, the smell of ripe bananas, the smell of baby vomit (I will hopefully get over that one day), Yogurt (even though I love it), bananas ( I have to eat them green), and confrontation. These are all things that makes me gaggy. I think I might change my blog address. Know why?? Cause my loggin was done when I still had my married last name(my email was still that name I wasnt), and heavens knows its not that anymore!! And I just dont like typing that in everytime I want to post for the 4 people that read this. So I might change it. Im still considering.

So Im at work right now, and Im pretty much (obviously) doing nothing. I'm a pretty good employee turns out... I actually am, and I dont have that much to do but its only like 2 in the afternoon so Im feeling a little guilty.

Mark is still in Italy. Know why? Oh right, cause its not like October yet. He has been gone, a little over a week now and you would think I was Henry and you took Peter the pig away from me. Im going a little nuts. Which I guess is a pretty good sign givin the fact that when I was married and he left for Iraq I was better than fine. I didnt miss him at all, My life was so much easier without him around. ( That sounds horrible, but really we didnt have the best relationship and I was a maid so not having to cook or clean up after him or fight really was better) Im also pretty independent and usually am just fine alone, and Im not like drowning in my sorrows or anything but I do miss him and wish he was here with me. I keep forgetting he's not here and think, 'Oh Im gonna call Mark' Ohhh yeah... So hopefully thats a good sign that all is well in that department.

So listen. Katie and I went to Rainbow Gardens the other day to see when they had the card readers and stuff there. Apparently they have a whole plethora of people there and each has like there own day and most of them are about 35 for half hour and 60 for an hour, which seems like kinda a lot but I really want to go! They have card readers, then they have someone thats a medium.I would want to go to her, to see if I have any spirit guides around me!! (listen I watch John Edwards, and Ghost Whisperer) I think that would be cool. I will not be going to SummerzStars for whatever it was cause I dont like her name. If your already claiming that you have some sort of connection with the other side, please dont have a ridiculous name to go along with it.Thanks. Anyway I guess I'll get some work done, and its a pretty long post about nothing, so sorry. Also, I know everyone that reads this also reads Christy's blog but if you havent in awhile go and look at pictures of Jack. BIBLE, cutest damn child in the entire world. And to think Vic didnt want children! They should sell there goods so others can have the cutest kids in all the world!! Do it. and sell me some.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

So not much has been going on as of late. Turns out Im pretty boring. This last weekend was the 4th of July, and I had Friday off work also, which was very much needed. For about the 2 weeks leading up to this wonderful day off, I was pretty crabby. I had about enough of work, everything and everyone. I was pretty pleasant. So I did pretty much nothing on Friday which was nice, and Saturday morning Jessica, Katie and I went down to the gateway to do some shopping. Well at least Jessica did some shopping. I was under the impression that we were going for 2 specific things, Jessica had 20 bucks giftcard thing to Arden B and gifts for Katchie. It turned out to be alot more than that, which would not have been a big deal if I hadnt been a ragging bitch straight out of hell the last few weeks, and if Mark hadnt been leaving to Italy like 2 days later. Yes, Mark left me, more on that later. So after shopping and getting home, with it being the 4th and all, Mark and I were trying to figure out what in the heavens to do. I hate large crowds of people so firework displays are usually not on my to-do list. So we took Henry and Molly (the dogs) to the parkway, which was surprisingly empty and hung out. Henry had a blasty-blast swimming and fetching the ball in the water, Molly on the other hand is a demon dog and hates all things to do with water, other dogs, and children. So she was not happy. She hates Henry. And poor sweet 96lb Henry is terrified of this little dog. She got pissed when he got a little to close to her goods, (cant blame her, at least she's not hoochin it up) and continued to growl and bark at him the rest of the day. When we got to the field and we released them to be free (aka taking the leashes off) she (for no reason) went after Henry who dropped to the ground, squeezed his eyes shut, and braced for impact. Really it was like he was yelling "OHHHH NOOO!!!" Poor guy. Well she is really scared of him which is why she turns mean, she's a sweet thing if she's not scared of being eaten, and never actually got to him before she turned and ran the other way. Lets just say the rest of the weekend where ever Molly was, Henry steered clear. After a few hours in the sun we went back to the house and had ourselves a nice little BBQ, and watched some movies. Sunday we had dinner with his parents, and Tuesday I took him to the airport to go to Italy for 90 days. 3 months, he wont be back till like October. I have a tendency of making people leave for months on end when they are with me. So now, I'll be trying to work on my fitness, cause I havent for the last month because of the whole leg situation, but I ran 2.5 miles today on lunch and its feeling good. So there you go. Nothing to exciting ever happens in Celina's life. Henry is still a big huge lug who is the sweetest thing of all time, Lola is loving life now that I got her hair cut, and is acting like a bran new cat. Honest, she is happy and plays now. Weird. Wilfred is becoming more grumpy and ornery as the days go on, but still loves him mom, he vomited last night like he was in the exorcist. Sweet Katie had to clean it up for me cause I attempted and it was warm and I spent the next few minutes over the sink in the kitchen trying to not vom. Thanks again boo! So thats about it. No Mark for what is going to seems like forever, Im going to be super bored. And damn it I already miss him! STUPID MARK. I guess Im pretty fond of the guy. Dang it. Henry is going to have a cousin, and Im finally getting a nephew out of Jess, unfortuantly its only going to be in teacup poodle form. But he is going to be adorable, you would know this from Jess if she had a blog but she's lame and doesnt. Hey Jessica, work on that, K, thanks, bye. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its been awhile.

So I havent been up to much. Watched some movies, and its rained... a lot. But you all live here so you know this. This weekend I was helping my sweet dear of a grandma get some of there crap out of the condo that they havent lived in in over a year. They finally decided they needed some help. Good idea. Now, listen. I love my grandmother to my very core, but she is the grandmother that buys you and all your cousins the same things 5-10 years in advance. We were never allowed in the basement for the pure fact that we would see what we would be getting for Christmas in 3 years. The woman cant pass up a deal. Well whist going through things that havent been touched in about 20 years (and trying to avoid creepy spiders) we came across a huge like 2 foot barrel. Really, the woman had 2 real life barrels, I didnt even know anyone could buy these things. To which I said "Grandma, you know I love you, but if this is food storage in here, I will beat you" (my great-grandmother who pasted a few years ago, had a whole room of food storage from the 60's that no one knew about and lets just say I wont be doing that again) Well we popped that baby open and what did we find? A bunch of my moms stuff that crazy Kari had packed up when she moved in that she brought to my grandma. My grandma didnt even remember she had it down there.
Now, I've always kinda wondered where her stuff could have gone, cause we have some things, like a few rings, and my grandma was always trying to give us her clothes, "Cause, honey that fashion is coming back" No, its not. But it was her entire jewelry box, some yearbooks, photo albums, and stuff like that. For any of you that know me I'm pretty much an emotional wreck anyway, but I kinda fell apart a little bit when something else she had in there started playing music and I opened her jewelry box to find the smallest little bracelet that said Celina on it that she had made. Im not going to get all nuts on you right now, but I have always felt like I had something missing, and my mom will always in my mind be 'perfect' no matter what. Its kinda like (stupid analogy) but in 'My girl 2' when she goes on the quest to find out everything she can about her mom then realizes that her mom was a pot-smoking hippy. Except without the pot smoking hippy part, cause my mother would have never done anything like that. :) But I am always curious and looking for anything that I can learn or find out about her. Anyway.... we also found something else very special. My brother had a pair of little (Christmas ornaments) boxing gloves that my dad had put on the incubator that I had only heard about and seen in a picture. One of the only things my dad has ever really told us is he really wished he knew where those were and that he wished he had kept track of them. My dad also had always said he would never get a tattoo, he didnt like them. Well a few years ago, he got one of 2 boxing gloves, with a halo, and Joey Ray underneath. We found those gloves in the barrel. I will never forget the look on my dads face when he saw those. I think it was the best moment of his life, seriously. To which we all kinda fell apart. (look we're an emotional family! ) Another thing we found was my mom's wrist band from the day I was born, It said Chrisy Daniel, Dr. Hartman, the hospital, and written on it was the date March 7, 85 and girl. I guess so they didnt bring her a boy! She also had Jessica's in there. Apparently she kept everything. Again, with the issues I have with the whole mom situation. I am grateful for my life, crappy as the childhood was, I had my dad to keep me steady and I always knew that no matter what I had my dad and Jessica. I am also grateful that I didnt have to go threw what other people go threw like loosing your mom after years of knowing them or loosing them unexpectedly. But I also miss not knowing or remembering anything. Jess says she remembers bits and pieces, and in some ways Im a little jealous. I have always wanted something. I have pictures and stuff, but nothing of just us two. Everything is with the family. I know thats probably selfish but Jess has a picture of just her and my mom and again I kinda want that. But so Im always looking for something. I now know that I was delivered by a Dr.Hartman, and he works at McKay Dee now, and is still practicing. (Yes, I looked him up) Im trying to not be crazy, but I now want him to be my doctor, but he's an OBGYN and I have the best woman, I dont know if I could do a guy. So my other option ( that Im considering) is totally getting prego so I have an excuse to go see him. ( Im kidding, although Katie said I should just go in for a prego-test, she's as nuts as I am which is why we get along) Now you say, Look Celina he's not even going to remember you, he graduated in like 1976 (yes, I know this) and has delivered many babies. But my aunt went to him a while ago, and she said he asked her if she was related to my mother. He remembered my mom. My grandma said he was a young doctor and took it hard cause she was the first one he lost. For that reason alone I want to hug this man. I'm sure this is very inappropriate, and trust me I know all this is crazy so I wont be doing it, but I am very glad we found these things, and thank you Kari for not just throwing them away and being descent enough to give them to my grandma.
Anyway! Its sunny today!!! Whoot Whoot! its supposed to be a good week, till Friday and Saturday when its going to rain again, not that I mind so much cause i have not had to water the lawn once this year!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its official....

So its been awhile since I have blogged, but not much has gone on. I've seen a bunch of movies, hung out, tried to go to the gym (unsuccessfully) ran outside and hurt my hip/groin bone/joint area, so just the usual going on with the fitness. But some news, Mark and I have made it 'official' Now... Look. Apparently he didnt even know we were supposed to have 'the talk' because he hasnt done that since high school. Well arent you grown up and mature. We pretty much had this via text, after having breakfast with Jess and Mace where she pretty much just said ' Have you had the talk?' He was pretty annoyed at the fact that all his friends are in our business to which I said ' Arent you in everyones business, and really? Like you didnt know this is how we all are?' So after him saying he wasnt mad, which I think he was, I got pretty annoyed, but I guess its official. Nothing else to really say so I'll just make a list of things I love.
THINGS I LOVE: (in no particular order)
*Rain(sound and smell)
*Ice cream
*The pets, (even though I yell I love that damn dog!)
*The Fam.
*Mexican candy
* All candy (I really do think I have a problem)
* The way you feel when your having a really good run. (No pain or exhaustion)
*Cleaning with the music really loud.
*Rocking out in the car with the windows up and no one next to you (so you can really get into it- It happens people, ooh does it happen.)
*Sandra Bullock
*A book you cant put down.
*A movie you can cry at, but you cry because its happy
*Making Wilfred make punches in the air while saying (yeah, yeah)
*Massages (heavens do I need one)
*Bubble bath with just candles lit
*Shower with just candles it
* The dark (see above :) )
*Not having to drive somewhere
*When the ex has to call and be super nice to you after he was a complete crazy bipolar ass just a week ago cause he needs a favor. HAHA IDIOT!! And can do nothing but say sorry and thankyou so you'll do the favor! Oh man thats so good. I LOVE IT. (ps. The only reason Im doing the favor is it has to do with my bronxie poopoo. and I dont want the dog on the streets till he gets back)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Worst. Weekend.Ever

So I guess I shouldnt say ever, cause there were some good parts. But look. I was sick, real sick. I thought I had the swine. (really) Turns out just the regular old flu, its been a few years since I've had the flu so I forgot how HORRIBLE it is. It all started Friday when I was running around like a crazy person because I had to pretty much go straight from work to Jess's so we could go to a wedding reception. I didnt eat that night till about 930, which is no bueno anyway cause I get headaches and the nausea. So whilst eating my leftover pasta from Roosters, I thought the reason I wasnt feeling that great was that I had waited to long to eat. On to Saturday, pretty much the same thing, didnt eat when I was hungry so I thought I was feeling crappy cause of that. (not to mention I was second job hunting, which didnt go so well) But then dear old Mark came to my rescue and we went to dinner. Afterwards we wanted to go to the Fun-zone and go mini-golfing. (Its that Frogs place over by the the freeway it has everything) Well lets just say Celina ruined the fun-zone. 3min in and I was quite vomitous. So we left, and I barely made it to my own bathroom before the night really got fun. Sunday rolled along, and I was feeling a little better but still not 100% so I decided to take Monday off so I didnt give anyone else the swine. Monday morning was okay, but by mid-afternoon I was good. I was even going to mow the lawn but it still wont work. (a whole other story, Im pretty upset about it) Then to what did my little heart crave for dinner?? Meatloaf. Dont ask me why, I just wanted meatloaf, so I made it. It was heavenly... Till 25 min later that I was in the bathroom again....All night... worse then any of the other nights. Not eating meatloaf ever again. I felt like I had a hangover cause I just laid on the bathroom floor trying to get some zzz's cause whenever I left I had to go right back in. Awesome. Now, I didnt feel sore, or feverish, so I kept thinking WTF is wrong with me? I dont feel sick, till I eat. Jessica and Katie both came to the same conclusion....'Oh your prego'.... Sorry ladies, no I am not. Jess told me to prove it, and if I had felt up to it I was going to take home prego test to prove it. But why waste like 20 bucks. So Tuesday I rolled off the couch ( I had ventured there on my way back from the taking the bathroom trash out for a 2nd time, guess why I was vomiting in the trash) And went to the doctor. Who told me, " You have the flu, had you not eaten last night, you probably would have been fine, now you have to start over." Oh great. I didnt read the fine print that comes with flu's that says to not eat for 3 days thanks. So all I 'ate' was coke (for bubbles), water, and chicken broth (again dear sweet Mark brought me that, although he got me the wrong Jell-O I had no idea the snack packs of Jell-O could be so sick, and NOT strawberry dear, NOT strawberry. You have to get the sugar free citrus kinds, with only 10 calories per cup they are yummy....But he tried so I didnt say anything)
Today I am back at work feeling okay. Still drowsy from the anti-nausea pills they gave me, and was aloud to eat rice!! So on my lunch I went to the nearest fast chinese place and got only rice and egg-drop soup. I have never wanted real food so badly in my life. And now my stomach is grumbing at me again. Its not hurting, but its chattin it up with me. Great. I will never be able to eat anything again. Oh and just so we're all clear, I vomited everything I ate for 3 days, and havent really eaten since, and I still havent lost any weight. Just another bonus tid-bit.
On a lighter and not so gross note: Mark and I went and saw 'Angels and Demons' on Sunday it was pretty good, I liked it much better than 'The DeVinci Code' I think because I stopped reading Angels and Demons around page 40 to see the movie. I had read The DeVinci code and it was fresh on my mind when the movie came out so I loathe that movie. The parts they left out were like the most important parts. So I didnt read this book so I could watch the movie and not hate when they left parts out, which the first 15 min did piss me off, so there you go. I would have hated it. I am now going to read the rest, and fill in all the blanks they left out. But good movie I recommend it. This Friday, watch out people 'TERMINATOR!!!' So excited. Can you tell.

Monday, May 11, 2009

If I were President...

These are some thing I would change/do if I were President:
  • Free health care: Why? Why not? I would pay higher taxes if I knew that I could get health care when needed. Canada seems to be doing well for themselves.
  • Spankings gallor!!: Pretty much just that. Kids these days (yes, my generation and younger) get away with murder and I would give parents the right, again, to put the whoopin down on the kids. Lets get some respect back. With doing that maybe we could have Jess not have so many kids she has to deal with.
  • No fat kids: That might sound bad, but really. I would make having obese kids child abuse. Cause hello. It is. Sorry, but your 1 year old doesnt need coke in there bottle. Also, Mcdonalds should not be your main source of food. And by the way, make your kid go outside and play, the sun is good for them. Video games = lazy, fat kids.
  • Prego? No bars for you honey: It would against the law, not just frowned upon, to smoke or drink whilst prego. Just cause something is wrong with you mentally doesnt mean your kid has to come out with issues. Thanks.
  • Famous? I dont care: I have issues with the rich and famous. Now, I wouldnt mind being them, but as president I would do 2 things. 1 ban most paparazzi. The only time they would get there pics would be at events ie... red carpets, premieres ect... I am an avid fan of US Weekly, but really? we need to be concerned a little more with what is going on in our country and world, and a little less about 'how stars are just like us' 2- put a 1mill. a year cap on all wages. Honestly that is a ton of money. But we dont need profess. athletes making 74mil for 4 years. Thats a bit ridiculous. You are doing what you love to do. Give some back to the people that are coming to watch your ass hit a ball. Also you break the law, spend your time with the rest of us. There would be no special treatment for the famous. O.J? Your ass would have been in jail a long time ago. Thanks.
  • No homeless!! Because of all this extra cash floating around, there would be no homeless. Listen people no homeless means a lot more people are working, which means more people are spending, creating more jobs, and a great ecomony. Weird how that works right? Also I think if we took care of our homeless, our country would, in turn, be cleaner, nicer. And maybe people would'nt look at a homeless person and judge about how he got there when they know nothing of the situation (Ahem) Mace/Jeff. :)
  • Schools: Schools would get a ton more money, teachers would be one of highest paid professions, but would have to have a masters, so they knew what they were talking about. Also if you didnt pass, you dont move on. Sorry, we want smart people to pass school, not just be a year older.
  • Be kind to your pets: The laws on animal cruelty would increase significantly and get harsher. Why? People that are nice to animals are less likely to kill a person. Its true, google it. And guess what, if you dont want a pet, you dont have to have one. If you do have one, its your family. Dont be a dick. Food, shelter, love. All they need or want. Also, unless you are breeding the animal balls/uterus coming out. Again, sorry Jeff.
  • Dont be stupid: Its quite possible that I would have something along the lines of 'Slapping police' Im sure they actually wouldnt slap you cause that is mean, but if you are being an idiot in public you will get a ticket. I dont mean your just ugly. I mean you are being totally disrespectful/obnoxious.
  • Praise the Lord: I dont go to church but I wouldn't stand for 'In God we trust' to be taken out of anywhere. Im not saying praying in school would come back, just saying.
  • The day of rest: Again with the no church thing. Im not saying you have to go to church. I just believe everyone needs one day where they are not working. So nothing would really be open on Sunday's. Try hanging out with family. You might learn something about them, or hey, maybe we would have less kids commiting crimes cause there parents were never around.

I bet all of you are glad that I will never be President. Could you imagine? This place would be a wreck, We get in wars cause I was having road rage. Geez. Also I would make myself Queen and thats no good for anyone!